Norton 360 5.1

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Norton 360 5.0 is the latest incarnation of Symantec's all-in-one security suite.

It includes a powerful antivirus engine, with strong real-time protection. An intelligent firewall blocks network attacks. Browsing protection keeps you away from phishing and other fraudulent websites. An online backup tool automatically protects your most valuable files from harm, and the PC Tuneup component cleans your Registry, helps to control your Windows startup programs, and highlights processes that are using more than their share of system resources.

There's also a capable spam filter. A password manager does a good job of automatically entering user names, passwords, and other personal details into web forms, bypassing keyloggers. There's a link to parental controls, and you'll find plenty of other features on offer: essentially Norton 360 5.0 offers everything that Norton Internet Security 2011 does, and adds backup and PC optimisation as well.

What's new? The interface has been redesigned to make it easier to access all this power, and it works very well. Just hover the mouse over a section, like Backup, and a menu appears with common tasks: one more click and you're usually heading in the right direction.

Most of the other changes are less visible, though. They're improvements to the core underlying technologies, like Download Insight 2.0, which checks your downloads for threats; SONAR 3, which spots even brand new, previously undiscovered malware; and System Insight 2.0, which better identifies processes that are slowing down your PC.

There's still plenty to explore here, though, so if your current security suite feels underpowered then this could be a good choice - especially as this trial version gives you 60 free days to figure out whether it's right for you.

Norton 5.1 ships with these new features/improvements:

- Added Firefox 4 Support
- Added New TidSrv detection & notification
- Improved Activation Process
- Corrected an issue where your product may report a loss of subscription days after upgrading from a previous version.
- Added performance improvements for IE 9 plugins.
- Fixed some Registry Cleaner hangs that may have previously occurred.
- Online Backup & Restore fixes for very large (> 4GB) files.
- Fixed compatibility issues with 3rd party software such as Corel Paint Shop Pro & Max SEA.

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Fast, feature-packed, but not too heavy on system resources, Norton 360 is a powerful and generally easy-to-use security suite.

Specification: Norton 360 5.1:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Trial Software
Date Added:
June 25, 2011

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