Find My iPhone 1.0

Track down your iPhone or iPad should it get lost



Losing anything can be an annoyance, but if you were to lose your iPhone or iPad, there could be serious consequences. As well as the financial loss you would face, there is also the risk that anybody who found your device would be able to retrieve a wealth of personal information about you.

This is where Find My iPhone can help. The app needs to be installed on your device as well as an iPhone or iPad other than then one you want to protection. Should you phone go missing, you need simply use the app to sign into your MobileMe account.

You will then be able to view a map displaying the location of your device, but there are a number of other options available. You can opt to remotely send a message to your device's screen and instruct it to play a sound to draw attention to itself.

You can also remotely set a password lock on your device to prevent unauthorised access. Another level of protection is offered by the ability to remotely wipe your iPhone or iPad.

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Date Added:
December 8, 2010

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