BullGuard Internet Security

Protect your PC from malware - and get a 5GB online backup package, thrown in



BullGuard Internet Security 10 is a versatile and unusually configurable security suite.

While normally this means "has loads of settings", in this case the program goes out of its way to make the setup process easy.

Reboot after installation, for instance, and BullGuard it immediately asks whether you'd like to receive regular notifications on what it's doing, or whether it should be "as quiet as possible".

The Spam Filter Setup Wizard then appears. And after that, another pop-up asks whether you'd like the program to make daily backups of your Desktop and Documents folders (the suite has a built-in online backup package with 5GB of storage space). Clicking "Yes" is all it takes to set up this basic backup, no further steps required.

Then, you're done: the program will go to work, scanning for viruses, protecting your network with a firewall, blocking spam, highlighting dangerous websites, and watching the behaviour of your processes, looking for suspect activity that could indicate a malware infection.

And there are one or two features that you don't always see in the competition.

As we mentioned, online backup securely transfers your most important files to a central server - whatever happens to your PC, you can be sure they'll be safe.

And the Inspector is a useful vulnerability scanner that will check your installed applications for security holes and problems, and issue a detailed report on anything it finds. It can take a very long time to run, but did turn up lots of outdated software, and pointed us in the right direction to download updates.

The program still looks relatively expensive at £44.95, because the core features (antivirus, firewall) are only average quality. The licence does allow you to run BullGuard Internet Security on 3 PCs, though, so if you'll use that, and the extras like online backup, then it could be worth a try.

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BullGuard doesn't have the most accurate antivirus tool around, but the backup tool, vulnerability scanner and general ease of use mean it may still be worth a closer look

Specification: BullGuard Internet Security

Windows 7 (32 bit)
Trial Software
Date Added:
January 31, 2011

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