PCLinuxOS 2010

PCLinuxOS is a free easy to use Linux-based Operating System for desktops or laptops.



PCLinuxOS 2010 is the latest release of this Linux distribution designed for ease of use on desktop and laptop computers. It pioneered the concepts of supplying a Linux distribution on an installable Live CD. You can boot from the CD and try it out - make sure your hardware is recognised and you like the way it works - without installing anything or affecting the other operating system(s) on your computer. Then you just click the Install icon, answer a few simple questions and the full operating system is installed to your hard disk along with a complete suite of desktop software.

As with most Linux distributions, this is a lot more than an operating system, it includes software you would have to add on with other OSes. Not only does it contain a full sets of Internet software: browser, mailer, IM clients and social networking software, it also comes with music and video programs, digital photograph management and editing and a complete office suite. The standard desktop used by PCLinuxOS is KDE 4.4.2, the very latest version. If you prefer one of the alternatives, you can install GNOME, LXDE, XFCE or Enlightenment once PCLinuxOS is running, or you can download a different version of the CD that installs one of the other desktops as a starting point. This is particularly useful on older computers that would struggle to run KDE (or GNOME) properly.

Unusually, PCLinuxOS have chosen to include the BFS scheduler, this the part of the kernel that divides the CPU's resources between the various running programs, and BFS is a fairly controversial scheduler that is only really suitable for desktop/laptop use, which is what PCLinuxOS is intended for, and can give better responsiveness in such environments.

There is also plenty of other software, a CD only holds so much, that you can install from within PCLinuxOS once it is running on your computer. You can even create a new live CD (or DVD) once you have things set up as you want, ready to install a similar system on other computers. No matter how easy to use a system can be, there are always times you need help, and there is plenty of this available on the PCLinuxOS forums, where developers and other users are always willing to help. There is even a monthly downloadable magazine to help you get the most from it.

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An excellent choice for those starting out with Linux, but capable of growing with you.

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May 17, 2010

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