openSUSE Live Gnome 11.4

Live CD of the latest distro, based on Gnome



The openSUSE project is a worldwide community project sponsored by Novell that promotes the use of Linux everywhere. The openSUSE Project provides free and easy access to openSUSE. Here you can find and join a community of users and developers, who all have the same goal in mind - to create and distribute the world's most usable Linux. openSUSE also provides the base for Novell's award-winning SUSE Linux Enterprise products.

This release contains the latest in Linux technologies, from the new ext4 filesystem for faster and more efficient file access to the latest releases of both of the major desktops. With a choice between the conceptually new KDE 4.3 and the more traditional, but still up to date, GNOME 2.28 desktops, as well as a selection of lighter alternatives, you can have whatever desktop experience you want. This includes the most recent innovations in 3D desktops and effects.

With the backing of Novell, openSUSE is a key Linux distribution that is used as the proving ground for SUSE's Enterprise desktop products, while remaining completely open and free. One of openSUSE's unique features is the YaST program, that handles all aspects of installing, setting up and maintaining the system, including installing new software from a choice of thousands of packages. This can now be done remotely through its new web interface, which is useful if you need to sort out your Mum's computer!

Note that this is the Gnome version of the Live CD.

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Fully-featured distro, but it needs a reasonably up to date computer to give its best

Specification: openSUSE Live Gnome 11.4:

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March 11, 2011

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