Fedora 15 Desktop Edition

The latest release of this Red Hat sponsored distro is a sparkling gem



Fedora 15 is the latest distro release from the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project was set up by Red Hat to put together an operating system based on the latest in free and open source software. This leaves Red Hat free to concentrate on their core business of commercially supported distros with a long lifetime, like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, while still keeping in touch with the latest in pure free software. In  this way, the Fedora Project fulfils two functions, it provides a Red Hat based distro with the latest, even bleeding edge, software for those that want an up to date desktop experience, and it provides a proving ground for technologies that may eventually become part of the enterprise products.

Changes for Fedora 15 include: automatic setup of dual monitors, much improved webcam support, the GNOME desktop (Fedora has traditionally used the GNOME desktop although others such as KDE are also available) and Empathy instant messenger supporting all popular IM systems. Menus and buttons no longer show icons by default, al la MacOS, for better performance, but the old behaviour can be turned back on. The Network Manager now controls all wired, wireless and mobile broadband network connections, allowing easy switching between types of connection and and automatic recognition and setup of most mobile broadband providers.

Fedora 15 is made available as a Live CD, allowing you to try it before installation, and a DVD containing a more complete selection of software for installation.

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After a couple of rather lacklustre releases, this release is something to truly get excited about.

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May 25, 2011

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