WriteRoom 3.0.2

Focus on your writing with this iOS word processor that won't distract you



WriteRoom is an impressive word processor for iOS (there is also a Mac vesion available) that cannot be compared to feature-rich apps such as Pages or Microsoft Word. It is fairly unique type of word processor that is not packed with features - in fact the app is quite light in that department. The aim of the app is to enable you to focus on what you are using the word processor for - processing words, or writing.

To say that WriteRoom is light on feature is not to do it a disservice; everything that you need is here. Unlike some similar apps, WriteRoom includes the all-important word count. If you are a writing who needs to hit a word target, this is one of your most valuable tools. If you spend much of your day producing words, autocorrect is valuable feature as is support for TextExpander - this can greatly reduce the amount of typing you have to do and help to increase productivity.

The latest version of the app includes Dropbox support that can be used to syncrhonised your files to your computer. You also have the option of using iTunes file sharing, and this is particularly useful if you have the Mac version of the app installed and want to use it to work on the same files as on your iOS device. You also now have the ability to change font style and colour, and scrollbars have been added to make it easier to work with lengthy documents.

iPhone users may find that the app is uncomfortable to use for extended periods, but iPad users will find things much easier. The clean, uncluttered interface is quite refreshing, although it does take a little getting used to, particularly when working in full screen mode. WriteRoom just goes to show that your humble iOS device can be used to accomplish many of the tasks you would ordinarily rely on your laptop for.

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A surprisingly powerful word processor that justifies its price and will help you to write more efficiently than ever before.

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November 10, 2011

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