Weave 1.3

A free time management and to do app that lets you keep track of your life



There are plenty of to do apps available for iOS, some of which take the form of calendars while others are more like simple lists. The problem with most of these apps is that they expect you to work in a particular way, and you may have to adapt the way you handle data in order to take advantage of a few useful features. Weave is a little different and it enables to you manage and track a range of information about your life.

At its heart, Weave is a to do app, but this makes it sound much more basic than it actually is. The things you have to do can be viewed as a list so you can see what you have to focus on. The app can also be used to manage projects, each comprising a number of to do items, and the overview list will keep you informed of incomplete tasks that need your attention.

When it comes to individual to dos and projects, you can store a wealth of information above and beyond a desired completion time. Depending on the type of project you are working on, particularly if you are charging for it, it may be helpful to track the amount of time your spend on them. This is something Weave enables you to do, as well as tracking the amount of money your have spent and made in relation to it.

It is also possible to attach notes to entries and projects can be linked to others with they are associated in some way. The way different types of data can be woven together is slick and impressive, and the daily overview and alerts quickly proof indispensable.

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A versatile project management and to do app with a difference - it can work the way you want it to.

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Intuit, Inc
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September 7, 2011

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