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Enhance your calendar and simplify the scheduling meetings



Everyone is busy nowadays and it can be difficult to schedule a meeting that involves several people - conflicting appointments have a tendency to get in the way of even the best laid plans. Tungle is an online service that enables you to synchronise your existing calendar, such as Google or Outlook, with your online account and this information can then be shared online through a personal URL which other can use to check your availability.

Having signed up for an account, you can then make use of the Tungle iPhone app. As the app is able to synchronise a range of calendars including both Mac and Windows formats, it is easy to check the availability of co-worker no matter what computer they happen to be using.

From within the app it is possible to schedule meetings by sending out requests to your contacts. You can share your calendar with others and if you have access to others' calendars they can be overlaid over the top of each other to check for corresponding periods of free time.

If you have several proposed times in mind for a meeting, you can include each of these suggestions in your invitation. As the invitee respond by indicating which proposed meeting they would be able to attend, Tungle will automatically determine which is best for everyone involved and schedule the meeting for everyone. Even when a relatively small number of people are involved, Tungle is a great time saving tool which leaves you more time to focus on work.

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Tungle takes the hard work out of scheduling meetings, eliminating the need to chase individuals. Used for calendar sharing this is a useful tool, for scheduling meetings, it is indispensible.

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Tungle Corporation
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May 8, 2010

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