Ron's Editor Lite 2018.01.25.0833

View, search and edit CSV files



Ron's Editor Lite is a powerful tool for viewing, searching and editing CSV files.

You could use the program as a simple grid. Drag and drop a CSV file onto Editor, it's displayed in a spreadsheet-type view, and you can scroll through it, select files, lines or columns, sort the document by specific fields, copy selections to the clipboard, and more.

A filter system and powerful search tool (with regular expression support) helps you drill down to the data you need.

Basic editing works just as you'd expect. Click in a field and start typing as required, or right-click for options to edit rows, delete rows or columns, insert rows, columns and more.

There are assorted surprise extras, including some handy Cell Fill tools (fill all or selected cells with a sequence of numbers or other patterns).

Please note, the Lite version of Ron's Editor can only save a maximum number of 1,000 rows (there's no limit for viewing), and doesn't support several advanced tasks (removed empty/ duplicate rows, advanced sort, external editors, template support, various Replace/ Add/ Remove/ Other manipulation functions). The program still works just fine as a viewer, and paying $35 to upgrade to the Pro version will remove any restrictions (you can activate a trial of Pro from the Lite interface).

What's new in 2018.01.25.0833 (see the changelog for more)?

- Date matching improved to include month names in 'Date Replace' rule.
- Quick Find expanded to span rows.
- License entering issue fixed.
- Column header sort undo issue resolved.
- Terminal Server logging issue fixed.
- Quick Find Tool Box functionality smoothed.
- Running instance detection changed to work on shared server.
- ?Various bug fixes.

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Ron's Editor Lite is an excellent CSV viewer, powerful and full of features, but the 1,000 row "Save" restriction means it can only edit relatively small files.

Specification: Ron's Editor Lite 2018.01.25.0833:

Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10
Aaron Stuart
Date Added:
January 26, 2018