Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite 1.5.1

Quickoffice provides a simple way to create and edit Office documents on your iPhone



Out of the box, the iPhone can be used to create quick notes but when it comes to working with traditional Office documents, it is somewhat lacking. Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite aims to bridge the gap by making it possible to create, edit and email Microsoft Word and Excel files – right up to the most recent file format.

Files can be transferred to a desktop computer by making use of email or browser transfer, but there is no need to installed desktop client software. Should you receive an email with a Word or Excel file attached, you need simply forward it to a special Quickoffice email address and the documents will then be accessible from within the app. This way of working takes a little getting used to, but it works well in the long run. There is also support for MobileMe.

When creating and editing documents, full text formatting is available, along with copy and paste, and there is a search facility to make it easier to work with length documents on a small screen. The spreadsheet tool can be used to perform common calculations, and while this is not a replacement for a desktop office suite, it is great for working on the move when a desktop computer or laptop is not available.

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Working with email attachments takes little getting used to, but Quickoffice is an accomplished app

Specification: Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite 1.5.1:

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May 16, 2010

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