Lemon – Receipts Refreshed 3.1.3

Keep track of your spending by storing receipts on your Android device



Everyone needs to keep track of finances for one reason or another. Whether you just want to monitor your weekly spending habits, or you need to keep track of outgoing for when you make an expenses claim, install Lemon on your Android device and you can easily store information from your receipts.

The app enables you to use your camera to take a photograph of your receipts and they will be automatically converted into a format that you can use. The OCR that is used is impressively accurate and the goods for which you have receipts can be easily categorised to make it easier to analyse your spending or track down a receipt for a particular purchase.

One of the key benefits of using the app is that it eliminates the need to hold onto space occupying paper receipts and reduces the risk of losing the information you need to keep. The tagging of scans allows for easy categorisation and the automatic generation of graphs means that it is a doddle to see exactly how your money has been spent.

Lemon is also capable of handling electronic receipts. The app gives you the chance to sign up for an @lemon email address and if you use this when making purchases online your e-receipts will be automatically sorted for you – and there is a the added bonus that this prevents some unwanted spam from making its way to your inbox.

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If your wallet is getting fat for the wrong reasons, Lemon can help you to slim it down and get your finances in order.

Specification: Lemon – Receipts Refreshed 3.1.3:

Lemon Inc.
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October 6, 2011

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