iThoughtsHD (mindmapping) 1.3

Powerful iPad based mindmapping tool to help you record your ideas



Mindampping tools provide a quick and easy way to not only record personal thoughts and ideas, as well as those of a group, but they also make it easier to brainstorm ideas and open up creative paths you might not have explored. iThoughtsHD is the iPad version of the populasr iThoughts for iPhone, and the app has been re-designed for the larger screen.

You can use the app to start a mindmap from scratch, or you can import existing data from Freemind, Novamind, Mindmanager, XMind, iMindmap, Mindview and OPML formats. To allow for working with information on more than one computer, it is possible to synchronise data with or Dropbox in a couple of simple steps.

When it comes to creating and editing mindmaps, iThoughtsHD includes all of the tools you need. Individual topics can be customised using different shapes, colours and icons, and each topic can include notes as well as links to related online content.

An in-built task manager makes it easy to use iThoughtsHD as a project management tool, tracking the percentage of a particular job that has been completed, or viewing by due date. Mindmaps can be more than 600 times the dimensions of the iPad screen so there is scope for even the largest of projects, and with highly configurable branches, auto alignment and much more, iThoughtsHD is a powerful tool that you can use to keep yourself organised.

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An impressive mindmapping tool that is not compromised by its small screen platform - a genuinely useful tool.

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October 13, 2010

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