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ContentWatch Professional


Blocks Pornography and Protects Your Business: Blocks pornography, hate sites, questionable chat rooms and other dangers of the Internet. It can even block online game and gambling sites.
More than Just Web Protection: Provides full protection on not just the World Wide Web, but also on Usenet, Peer-to-Peer downloading networks, Chat Rooms, Instant Messages, FTP, Forums and email.
Enhanced Reporting: Know what sites employees have visited and what sites they have attempted to visit. See full text of their actual Instant Messages. Monitor and/or block employees’ access to certain areas of the Internet.
Remote Management: Manage and maintain Internet policies remotely if an Internet connection exists. Monitor web browsing and instant messaging from anywhere!


Increase Productivity, Decrease Liability Filter or block unwanted content that creates a liability for your organisation (pornography, hate, etc.) or hurts productivity (shopping, games, entertainment, etc.).
Dynamic Content Filtering Create custom URL lists for your employees.
Fully Customisable & Controllable Create organisation, group, or individual filtering settings for employees, Allow common websites or block unwanted websites.
Rapid Deployment Tools Network wide deployment is fast and easy.
Easy to Manage/Maintain Updates occur automatically and user Internet policies can be managed remotely. Less expensive and time consuming than server-based solutions.
Budget Friendly No additional hardware needed. Install the software on your computers and begin filtering.
Dramatically Increase Bandwidth Ensures more band width for mission critical functions.
Multi-Language Support Filters Internet content in multiple languages.
Automatic Updates Updates users with the latest lists, definitions, and technology, automatically or manually.
Reduce Risk Prevents the Internet and email misuse which have resulted in lawsuits, costing corporations millions of dollars.
Productivity Gains The benefits of Internet filtering are incalculable in cost savings and productivity gains.
Regulatory Compliance Helps address corporate concerns about privacy regulations, legal liability risks and copyright contravention.

System Requirements : PC or compatible with 133 MHz or faster processor
128 MB RAM minimum, 256 MB recommended
60 MB of hard-disk space
CD-ROM drive
Colour monitor with 800x600 resolution
Internet connection
ContentProtect runs on client computers and does need the installation of a server
Licence type : 14 days
Version : 1
Size : 25.3 MB
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Specification: ContentWatch ContentProtect Professional:

Windows 7 (32 bit)
Date Added:
January 1, 1970

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