TightVNC 2.8.11

Bandwidth-efficient way of viewing and interacting with the desktop of one computer on another



VNC - virtual network computing - is a method of access the desktop of one computer on another computer using a network connection. While the original VNC worked well over local networks, the amount of data to be transferred could seriously impact performance over slower connections. This even applies to current fast ADSL and cable connections because of the limited uplink speed form the computer you are accessing. TightVNC takes the standard VNC protocols and adds compression for faster use over slower networks.

Having remote access to another computer has several uses such accessing your home computer from work (ask permission before trying the other way round), remote administration or fault fixing. TightVNC works with standard VNC too, it enables the compression of the computer it is talking to only uses standard VNC, and you can use that slower connection to install TightVNC on the emote computer before reconnecting if you wish. VNC is a completely open and free protocol, so it is implemented on all popular operating systems, and the same is true of TightVNC.

What's new in 2.8.11 (see changelog for more)?

- Server for Windows: Implemented performance improvements that may notably increase update speed and optimize CPU usage.
- Viewer for Windows: Fixed a problem that might cause the viewer to continue sending keyboard events even after minimizing a full-screen window (sf bug #1433).
- Viewer for Windows: Fixed an incorrect calculation in keyboard handling, which unlikely caused any problems though (sf bug #1422).
- Source Code for Windows (Server and Viewer): Migrated to Visual Studio 2015 and MSBuild tool set as the primary build environment.

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The fastest and most flexible option for remote access to a desktop

Specification: TightVNC 2.8.11:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows 8,windows 10
Open Source
Date Added:
May 25, 2018

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