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Professional networking scanning and management



Axence nVision Free is the free version of a very powerful network scanning, monitoring and management tool.

At its simplest, Axence nVision Free can be used as a network discovery tool. It scans your network, discovers any connected systems and devices, lists their TCP/IP services, and helps you create network maps.

The program is also a monitoring system. Do you want to know if a host is down, a service has failed, CPU utilisation is high, maybe a new system has connected to the network? NVision can be set up to display a desktop alert or send an email.

Simple inventory tools mean you're able to view some system information details on your connected PCs (some installed software, user accounts, shared folders, startup commands and more). It's relatively basic - the best of this section is reserved for the commercial build - but there's enough here to be useful.

You also get nVision's excellent netTools package, a handy collection of network troubleshooting utilities. There's a visual Ping and Traceroute, bandwidth assessment, host and network scanning, a graphical netstat, even a tool for establishing low-level TCP and UDP connections and monitoring the results.

Version brings (Changelog):

New features:


Windows Task Scheduler monitoring



information about connection between switches and network devices
Windows Services monitoring


rebuilded notifications
linking of tickets
Knowledge Base: improvement of articles list view
Knowledge Base: article cover adjusting
dynamic expansion/collapsing of the filter list
additional conditions for tickets view related to user
additional automation conditions for ticket updater
ability to change the size of the side panels (ticket summary, article summary, filters)

  • New functions:


    Chat: group chats, recent chats, file transfer



    Configuration: e-mail ticket processing through IMAP
    Tickets: view and filter configuration
    Tickets: carbon copy (duplicate should be sent to another person)
    Tickets: tickets’ history printouts
    Knowledge Base: attachments in articles
    Categories: labels
    Automation: more conditions
    The ability to change a user’s password

    Users: monitoring activity in ModernUI applications
    Network: support for 64-bit SNMP/WMI counters
    Inventory: report segment on network shares and startup commands
    Inventory: “Required” attribute for fields at details of fixed assets types
    DataGuard: new alert configuration “for all devices in addition to the selected

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An excellent discovery and monitoring tool for medium to large networks. It's probably overkill for small home networks, unless you're an expert and really need its more advanced features.

Specification: Axence nVision Free:

Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows Server,windows 10
Axence Software
Date Added:
July 28, 2017