YouTube Song Downloader 2012 v8.2

Download your favourite YouTube songs or videos in seconds



YouTube Song Downloader is a YouTube search tool that will quickly grab copies of all your favourite songs or videos.

The program is very easy to use. Simply enter a song title or band name, click Go, and you'll see a list of the most relevant YouTube links. If you're not sure whether a particular link is what you're after, then click its Play button to watch the video from within YouTube Song Downloader.

Once you've identified something that you'd like, click the Download Video or Download Song button and the program will grab a copy. You can choose to save this with your preferred video format (AVI, MP4, FLV) or MP3 quality (64, 128, 192 kbps). And once the files have been downloaded, you'll be able to view and play them from the Downloads window, or directly from Explorer if you prefer.

YouTube Song Downloader won't always deliver the results you expect. Some copyrighted videos can only be viewed from a browser at the YouTube site, for instance - try to play them from the program, instead, and you'll just see an error message. These files can usually be downloaded, though, and on balance the program is a simple and effective way to create a local collection of your YouTube favourites.

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YouTube Song Downloader 1.2 is a straightforward, easy-to-use download tool. It does have a nag screen which pleads for a "small tip" every time you close the program, though, and this became annoying after a while

Specification: YouTube Song Downloader 2012 v8.2:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit)
Date Added:
November 15, 2011

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