Tuner Internet Radio 1.96

Listen to steaming internet radio via wifi or 3G



With thousands of internet radio stations to choose from, there is an almost unlimited choice of broadcasts to listen to. Using Tuner Internet Radio, you can transform your iPhone or iPad into a radio that can stream stations over wifi and 3G connections.

You can browse for stations you might like by working your way through the various categories, or you can perform a search for a specific station you would like to listen to. If you know of an online radio broadcast which is not available in the app, it can be easily added.

Unless you always listen to the same station, the ability to bookmark you most frequently used radio stations makes it easy to switch between programmes and support for AAC+, MP3, PLS and M3U means that the vast majority of online stations can be played through the app.

Tuner Internet Radio can play visualisations to accompany radio broadcasts using an OpenGL visualiser and the app is a great way to listen to music from around the world in your car.

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Tuner Internet Radio does not compare to the likes of TuneIn Radio, but it is a competent app nonetheless.

Specification: Tuner Internet Radio 1.96:

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July 18, 2010

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