Syrinx 2.4.3

Fast and lightweight Twitter client for Macs 



The thing about Twitter is that it’s supposed to be quick and easy: 140-character updates delivered with the minimum of fuss and hassle. If you’re a Twitter addict, you may not want to tie up a browser window or tab with your Twitterings, in which case you need to look at a dedicated client of some kind, a program or browser extension that sits in the background alerting you only when you want it to.

Syrinx is one-such client for Leopard or Snow Leopard Mac OS X users. Download the zip file, then drag the extracted icon into your Applications folder, job done. Once launched, log in with your Twitter details and the main window will appear – give it a few minutes and it’ll eventually populate itself with everything you get from the main browser: all updates from your friends, mentions, direct messages and retweets. Select a tweet to see related options such as replying or retweeting, then open other windows to view your friends and followers, favourites and lists.

Syrinx helps you keep up to date with new tweets through a bookmarking system: the most recently loaded tweet is allocated the bookmark, and any tweets that arrive after this point are marked blue, and the number of unread tweets displayed on the Syrinix icon in the dock, allowing you to see how many tweets have been posted since you last looked.

The beauty of the bookmark system is that you can move it to any tweet you like by clicking the bookmark icon after selecting the tweet, allowing you to use it in a slightly different way. It’s a handy feature for those who like to work their way through all or most of their tweets, but want to retain complete control over how many unread tweets are recorded.

Another handy shortcut is that you can preview any images simply by rolling the mouse over the link – there’s no need to click.

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Decent and lightweight Twitter client, with some novel features such as bookmarking and image popups, but it could be a little more intuitive. 

Specification: Syrinx 2.4.3:

Mac OS X
MRR Software
Date Added:
December 8, 2010

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