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There are now more home computers than ever connected to the internet via broadband, and most people are aware of the speed at which it operates. However, the same is not true of mobile internet connections. The increased popularity of smartphones such as iOS and Android devices means that there are ever increasing numbers of mobile internet users.

If your device is making use of a wifi connection, you can be fairly certain that you are benefitting from the same sort of download speeds as your laptop or desktop computer. But how can you find out just how quickly your 3G or EDGE connection is operating? This is where Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test can help.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, this free app enables users to quickly and easily test their upload and download speeds. If you have ever wondered just what sort of performance your mobile network is delivering, this may just be the app you have been looking for.

Using the app is a simple matter of selecting a test server to work with and hitting the Begin Test button. The information provided is of questionable use as there is little that can be done to help improve network speeds, but many will find it interesting nonetheless.

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A simple way to test the speed of your internet connection and compare speeds in different places.

Specification: Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test 2.0.3:

Date Added:
March 23, 2011

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