Speed Download 5.2.19

Speed up file transfers with this Mac download manger and file-sharing tool



Downloading files from the internet can be a frustrating experience, particularly in the case of large files. Server or connection problems may mean that the download is interrupted and has to be started from scratch, or a busy server can result in painfully slow downloads.

Speed Download is a download management tool that support download resumption, so if your internet connection gets cut off for any reason, you can pick up your downloads from where you left off.

As well as providing tight browser integration, Speed Download can be used to download files from web sites as well as FTP servers. There is also support for the downloading of YouTube videos and files hosted on RapidShare.

Speed Download can be used in conjunction with your iDisk and also provides the option of sharing files with other Speed Download users. Encrypted file sharing helps to protect your privacy as well as sensitive information. Anyone who spends time downloading files from the internet can benefit from Speed Download.

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As a download manager, Speed Download is fast and reliable, but the host of extra features make this well worth checking out.

Specification: Speed Download 5.2.19:

Mac OS X
Trial Software
Date Added:
August 10, 2010

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