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Although we look for and download various apps for our iPhone or mobile, most of the time we spend checking our email or looking at our favourite websites for the footy, tech and company news. Problem is that the browsing experience on a mobile device isn’t quite at the same level as that on a desktop web browser. It’s difficult to manage multiple windows, share passwords from your desktop and mobile browser and flick between your favourite sites.

You may not have realised this, but Opera are big players in the mobile market and ship a version of their browser for your phone. They’ve just announced a brand new version which they regard as the next version of mobile browsing.

The new Opera Mobile browser is like a cut-down version of their Opera 10 desktop web browser. Launch it on your Blackberry and you’ll see your speed dial options where you’re presented with a number of small icons which you can configure as your favourite sites. Opera Mini is designed for your mobile, so it’s easy to control using the touch screen. The tabs are designed so you can quickly flick between them using your finger.

Opera Mobile will also enable you to store personal information, including your web passwords, meaning you do not need to keep entering the same password every time you visit a site. Whether this will work with MyOpera, enabling you to synchronise data between your desktop and mobile browser, is yet to be finalised.

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Opera have done good things with Opera 10, so if you like this browser, it's worth testing this on your Windows Mobile device

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May 17, 2010

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