mBox Mail 2.1.2

Access more of the features of your Hotmail/Windows Live Mail account from your iPhone



As anybody with an iPhone and a Hotmail or Windows Live Mail email account will know, the iPhone support for Hotmail is best described as patchy. While it is possible to connect you’re your inbox to download new message, and well as composing new emails, any custom folders that have been created are ignored, and read or deleted messages are not marked as such – so when you log into your Hotmail account online, the same emails will be displayed again.

mBox Mail has been specifically designed to handle Hotmail and Windows Live accounts, and makes it easy to work with multiple email addresses. Any messages that are deleted or read will be synchronised so the status will be the same when checked on any other computer, and the app will also download messages from any folders you have created. A search facility is available to make it easy to track down individual messages in a large inbox and your iPhone camera can be used to generate photo attachments for emails.

mBox Mail will also synchronise Windows Live contacts and can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. While push support is yet to be added, it is promised for the next version. This is a great app which looks set to improve in the near future, and is well worth the money.

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mBox Mail is not yet perfect, but it provides far better handling of Hotmail account than the iPhone's built in support

Specification: mBox Mail 2.1.2:

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May 16, 2010

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