Mailbox 1.0 for Android

An easy-to-use Gmail/iCloud client



Mailbox is an Android version of the popular iOS Gmail and iCloud client.

The core email tools are familiar enough. Mailbox fetches your email from the cloud, displays it in familiar views, and you can read individual messages, reply, forward them, browse complete conversations, and more.

What's more unusual, though, is how the app helps you manage a really busy inbox. If you're overloaded, for instance, you don't have to immediately deal with every single message. Non-critical emails can be "snoozed" with the tap of a button, which just means they'll disappear until later, leaving you to focus on what's really important, right now.

Other common email management tasks are handled with a few simple swipes. A short swipe right archives a message, a longer one deletes it - you'll pick up the basics very quickly.

Better still, Mailbox now includes an "Auto-swipe" feature which learns from your swipes and automates common actions: hiding a particular conversation, snoozing messages from certain people, whatever it might be.

What's more, the app can even use Dropbox to sync your preferences and Auto-swipe rules, ensuring you'll get consistent results across all your devices and email accounts.

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An easy-to-use Gmail/ iCloud client with some powerful message management tools

Specification: Mailbox 1.0 for Android:

Date Added:
April 10, 2014

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