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Web sites and mobile apps such as FourSquare and Facebook's Places feature helped to bring about the idea of value in sharing your current location with others. This is something that Google Latitude makes even easier by enabling you to broadcast your location from your phone.

The app has a variety of uses, but it provides a particularly interesting way of meeting up with friends. Wherever you may be, you can call up a map that displays the current location of people you know that are running the app - this can also be useful if you want people to know where you are, but may not be able to hold onto your phone.

To avoid potential privacy concerns, it is possible to place a limit on the accuracy of location details -you may want to limit your location to nothing more specific than the city you are currently in, for example, or there may be times when you do not want to broadcast your location at all.

Google Latitude can also be used to create a personal travel journal. When used in conjunction with Google Location History, you can easily keep track of the places you have visited in the course of a day so you can return places you enjoyed. Available free of charge, it is likely that you can find numerous uses for Google's location tracking tool.

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Google Latitude is a great deal, but the drain on battery life is something to take into consideration.

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December 30, 2010

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