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Access Gmail through its own dedicated app on your Android device



At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much call for a dedicated Gmail app on your mobile. But what Gmail offers Google-addicts is integration with other Google services and apps, so you have access to your Google Calendar invites and Google+ posts.

It also offers a much faster search tool, and provides profile pictures of your contacts where possible in conversations. There’s also support for threaded conversations, auto-complete when entering names from both your Google Contacts as well as those stored on your phone or tablet.

You’ll also find additional tools for managing your mail – some are obviously covered by the Email app, but Gmail naturally goes further to provide service-specific tools like labelling mails as well as reporting spam quickly and easily.

The user interface is clean and minimalist, and easy to navigate. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the Email app, if you’re a Gmail user you’ll definitely want to give this a whirl.

What's New
• Save time with Smart Reply: Tap one of the three options to start your response -- hit send when done.


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Google Mail users have a compelling reason to switch to Google’s own mail app – faster, slicker and more fully featured than the built-in Email app.

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June 4, 2017

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