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FluffyApp 3.0.4

Quickly share files and documents via the CloudApp service in Windows 



CloudApp makes it possible – and incredibly easy – for Mac users to share files using its cloud-based storage facilities: drag your chosen file on to the menu bar, it’ll upload automatically and a quick and convenient URL to said file is placed on the clipboard for you to share with friends, family and colleagues via email or whichever medium you choose.

What a brilliant concept, let down by one small oversight: the CloudApp desktop client works on Macs only. Thank goodness then for Richard Wang: this Australian student has moved quickly to fill the yawning gap by offering an equivalent tool for Windows users. FluffyApp offers similar functionality, albeit from the Taskbar’s Notification area rather than the Taskbar itself. Just drag files on to the program icon to upload them (click the program icon for an update on the uploading process or to cancel it for whatever reason). Once complete, FluffyApp places a URL to the file in the clipboard, ready for pasting into your email or chat tool.

Like the official Mac version, FluffyApp can also be used to share screen grabs: configure this functionality from the program’s options dialogue box (choose Hotkeys).

The program is still in beta, so expect some stability issues running it, and remember that you’ll also need a CloudApp account in order to use it: a free account lets you upload up to 10 files each day, with a 25MB limit on each file. Upgrade to the Pro version ($5/month) for unlimited uploads at a maximum of 250MB per file.

FluffyApp 3.0 changes include:

NET 4.5 now required (requires Vista SP2 or up)
Drop history now updates live
Fixed drop history flickering
Match 2.0 drop display
infinite scrolling, right click menu for drops,
shortcut keys when selecting a drop, thumbnail
and time ago added next to drop names)
User agent set for CloudApp API calls
Major rewrite of some core code
Fixed tray menu closing when login completes
Moved "Upload" and "Text" tabs to tray menu
Moved uploading indicator to tray menu
Moved account information to Options
Button in Plugins window should open plugins folder
Default install location changed
Fixed manual upgrade failing if FluffyApp is open
Improved some error messages
Redesigned login screen
Better text for Options
Match the Windows tray icon border colour better
Windows 8 style tray exclamation indicator
Tray icon partially optimised for 200% DPI
Login screen optimised for 200% DPI
Drop history optimised for 200% DPI
Options screen optimised for 200% DPI

Verdict ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Good stab at apeing the functionality of the Mac-only CloudApp client – still in beta and a bit flaky, but a welcome alternative for Windows users. 

Specification: FluffyApp 3.0.4:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8
Richard Wang
Date Added:
June 9, 2014

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