Firefox Aurora for Android 16.0a2

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The pace of web browser developed has increased dramatically in recent months. Not only as a results of an ever more demanding user base, but also because of increased competition between browser producers. Things have reached such a point that even Microsoft is releasing public beta versions of upcoming Internet Explorer versions. When it comes to Firefox, there are now three separate versions of the browser to choose from.

For day to day web browsing there is the stable release channel. This is the most recent completed version of Firefox that is recommended for the majority of people. For anyone who wants to take a sneak peek at the next version of the browser, there is the beta channel. Beta releases are Firefox are generally pretty stable and include new features and enhancements, but they are not perfect and you may encounter occasional problems.

Finally, there is the Aurora channel and this can be viewed as being alpha, rather than beta, software. Aurora builds of Firefox are available for the mobile Android platform as well as desktops and it gives users a chance to try out new features and technologies long before a final release. This is the first appearance of Firefox Aurora on Android and for anyone who wants to keep on the cutting edge of web browsers, it is well worth a look.

The is the brand new Aurora 16 for Android. View the Release Notes.

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An exciting preview of what to expect from future Firefox releases, but not stable enough to recommend for day to day use.

Specification: Firefox Aurora for Android 16.0a2:

Date Added:
July 26, 2012

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