CloudMagic 2.60 Beta for Chrome

Add an instant offline search tool for your Gmail and Google Docs account with this compelling add-on. 



What’s wrong with the search box in Google Mail? The simple answer is that it’s not that quick, and forces you to abandon whatever it is you might be doing in Gmail to access it. CloudMagic is a free browser extension that aims to change all of that. It indexes your Google Mail and Docs to provide a super-fast search facility in its own pop-up window (just click its browser icon), which won’t disrupt your use of either service.

Once installed, log into your Google Account through the web page that appears: don’t worry, this is all stored offline on your computer, so no sensitive information is transferred anywhere. Once logged in – and you can use multiple accounts if you have them – CloudMagic will start to index the contents of your Google account. Wait a few minutes, then try it out: type your search term and the results will instantly start to appear, divided into three tabs: Mail, Docs and Contacts. Click an entry to reveal its contents in a preview window – from here you can copy and paste content into an email message or Google Docs document in the current window or tab, or use the links provided to open said item in its own tab or window.

A new feature is the ability to search directly from Chrome’s address bar: just type c and press [Tab], then type your search terms: you don’t get a preview, but you can quickly select a result to open the relevant message or document in the current tab.

CloudMagic is simple, fast and effective, and will even work in offline mode when you’re disconnected from the internet or logged out of your Google account. And with support for Facebook and Twitter accounts planned, it could easily become an indispensable add-on for all internet users, not just Google account holders.

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CloudMagic is an essential install for Google Mail or Google Docs users looking for an elegant, fast, unobtrusive search tool. 

Specification: CloudMagic 2.60 Beta for Chrome:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Mac OS X,Linux
2.60 Beta
Date Added:
May 6, 2011

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