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Sharing files online with others can be achieved in a number of different ways. Perhas the most obvious is to simply attach a file to an email and send it out to anybody who needs a copy, but there are attachment size limits to consider. Another option is to make use of online storage services, but these can be cumbersome to use.

CloudApp makes it easy to share files online by doing little more than dragging a file to the menu bar of your Mac. The application will automatically upload the file to an online storage location and provide you with a shortened URL that can be shared with others via email, instant message or any other means.

The shortened URL is automatically copied to the clipboard so it is immediately ready to paste into place. You can also configure a hotkey that can be used to upload files to help make things even easier.

CloudApp aupports extensions known as Raindrops which can be used to add application specific support for file uploading to a range of different programs. To get started with CloudApp, you will first need to register for a free account by paying a visit to

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Uploading and sharing files made easy - CloudApp keeps things as simple as possible

Specification: CloudApp 1.0.2:

Mac OS X
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June 21, 2010

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