Apple FaceTime 1.0.1

Conduct video chats from your Mac with other Mac users as well as iPhone and iPods



The FaceTime app included with the iPhone 4 was one of the most widely welcomes features of Apple's latest idevice. The app made use of the iPhone 4's twin cameras to allow for video chats. Now the same app has been ported to the Mac.

FaceTime for Mac works in very much the same way as its mobile counterpart. The app takes advantage of your Mac built in camera and using your Apple ID you can sign into your online account and hold video chats with other Mac users or contacts with iPhones or iPads.

Starting a chat with a contact is very simple - just click a phone number in Address Book to place a call to a phone, or click an email address to call a Mac or iPod touch. FaceTime will run in the background at all times so you'll always be notified when someone wants to get in touch, but you can turn FaceTime off temporarily if you'd prefer not to be disturbed.

The clean, uncluttered interface is a joy to use, with controls fading out of view leaving the video window the centre of attention. The interface adapts quickly and smoothly depending on whether an iPhone 4 user you are talking with is using the front or back camera on their phone, and the overall experience is a polish affair that exceeds that of many IM clients.

FaceTime is now commercial, retails for $0.99 and no trial version is available.

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A characteristically polished app from Apple that breathes new life in to online video calls.

Specification: Apple FaceTime 1.0.1:

Mac OS X
No Trial Available. Purchase Only
Date Added:
March 3, 2011

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