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If you run a web site, it is important to monitor how it is used by the people that visit it. For personal web sites, this can help you to tailor the navigation and layout to suit the way your visitors expect things to be, while for a business web site, it enables you to see which parts of a site are most popular, as well as pinpointing areas that are cause for concern.

This is something that Google Analytics is able to help with, and Analytics HD is an iPad app that can be used to display and interpret the information provided by this valuable tool. While Google Analytics has its own web site that you can use to view information, the interface of Analytics HD is far more refined, providing easy access to the data you are most interested in.

A simple dashboard provides a neat overview of all of the information that is available but you can easily jump to any of the 55 available reports for further details of specific aspects of your site.

If you use Google Analytics to manage multiple accounts, the app makes it easy to switch between accounts. Full screen charts provide you with greater detail than ever before, and Analytics HD also provides you with an all-important breakdown of the day's activity - as well as a record of yesterday events for comparison.

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A great way for any web site owner to keep track of how their site is used to help improve the overall user experience.

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October 13, 2010

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