Torch for iPhone 1.0

Use your iPhone 4’s flash as a torch



At night time it is rare to be able to find a torch when one is needed, but a mobile phone is almost always to hand. While the screen of the iPhone gives off a fair amount of light, the LED flash of the iPhone 4 can be put to better use by using Torch for iPhone 4 to turn it into a torch.

The app makes it very easy to quickly switch on the flash to give constant light – great if you are looking for keys or need illumination for other purposes.

With support for multitasking, you can switch on the flash torch and continue to use other apps at the same time. As well as being able to provide continuous light, Torch for iPhone can also be used as a signally torch.

As the LED flash can be turned on and off very quickly, it can be easily used to send Morse Code messages over a distance. A ultra-useful app that you’ll turn to again and again.

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Torch is an app that will quickly become a essential tool and one that you will recommend to others.

Specification: Torch for iPhone 1.0:

Date Added:
August 6, 2010

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