ShopWell 5.4.4

An app to help you make better choices when it comes to food



Ever wanted a nutrition expert for you and your family? With ShopWell you can simply scan food labels to discover healthy options for weight loss, gluten-free, food allergies, and healthy diets. Use ShopWell to help manage your weight or conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or IBS. We can even help you easily follow a diet like low FODMAP or gluten-free. ShopWell searches for over 18 different allergens in ingredients. Scan barcodes at home or in the grocery store to find out if products are a good match for you. ShopWell will intelligently suggest alternatives – and even show you where they’re sold near you. No annoying ads. No bias. Trusted by millions of American families.

Connect your shopper loyalty card or online grocery account* and ShopWell will evaluate everything you buy, and suggest better-for-you options. Receive regular healthy tips from a Registered Dietitian – personalized for your diet and goals.

You can even earn cash rewards for completing surveys. Did we mention it’s free? (and no ads!)

ShopWell was created by Registered Dietitians, is a USDA National Partner, and is consistently ranked as a top food app, and featured by Apple, NBC, CNN, the Today Show, and more. We don’t sell ads or products, and our ratings are not influenced by manufacturers or retailers.


- Learn which foods match your dietary and nutrition needs
- Achieve your health goals
- Avoid ingredients you don’t want
- Discover better-for-you alternatives in your local stores
- Personalize food nutrition facts panel

ShopWell can help you avoid these food allergens:
- Shellfish
- Milk
- Gluten
- Fish
- Corn
- Poultry
- Animal By-products
- Tree Nuts
- Wheat
- Sulfites
- Peanuts
- Soy
- Eggs
- Meat
- Lactose
- Sesame
- Honey

ShopWell can help you eat better if you are managing these disease conditions:
- Gluten Intolerance/Celiac
- Digestive Health (e.g. IBS)
- Lactose Intolerance
- Osteoporosis
- Anemia (Iron Deficiency)
- High Blood Pressure
- High Cholesterol
- Pre-Diabetes
- Type 1 Diabetes
- Type 2 Diabetes

ShopWell can help you find food that matches your lifestyle, including:
- Vegetarian
- Vegan
- Healthy Pregnancy
- Weight Management
- Heart Healthy
- Athletic Training

What's New in Version 5.4.4

Bug fixes and improvements

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A great tool for anyone on a diet, or anyone who wants to learn more about the food they put into their body.

Specification: ShopWell 5.4.4:

Date Added:
June 3, 2017

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