Ruler 2

A simple measuring tool for your iPhone or iPad



Despite advances in technology, if there's one tool which simply cannot be replaced, it is the humble ruler. Ruler 2 is a measuring app for the iPhone and iPad that enables you to use your Apple device to measure and save measurements with ease.

The app enables you to measure objects of any dimension by simply lining up the marker with the start point, holding it in place and moving your idevices sideways. There is no limit to the length that can be measured, so you are freed from the constraints of traditional rulers and tape measures.

Ruler 2 includes a scrap paper mode that can be used to make notes of measurements as well as storing images of exactly what it is you have measured. Measurements can be copied and pasted into other apps to save having to remember length figures.

With a built in conversion tool to allow for working with both US and metric systems, Ruler is an incredibly versatile tool that will surprise you at just how useful it is.

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Deceptively simple, Ruler 2 will quickly become an indispensable app on your idevice.

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Trial Software
Andrew Kaz & Phill Ryu
Date Added:
October 30, 2010

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