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Create your own iPhone ringtones from within iOS



The number of default ringtone built into iOS is a little on the limited side, and many people are no aware of the fact that it is possible to create your own. Rather than spending money on expensive commercial ringtones, you can create your own custom sounds based on your favourite song or other audio track. This is something that you can achieve in iTunes, but using Ringer - Ringtone Maker you can do it from within iOS.

If you have been looking for an easy way to create your own ringtones and alerts, this may just be the app you have been looking for as it makes light work of converting any DRM-free audio tracks into a ringtone of between 2 and 40 seconds in length. If you happen to want to use a particularly quiet track as the basis for a ringtone, automatic volume adjustment ensures that it will be audible.

Simple controls are available to make it easy to skip through to the relevant section of a site ready for section, and this is made even easier thank to the fact that the waveform of the track is displayed. Other options include the ability to add fade-in and fade-out to your creation as well as adding a gap to allow for more natural sounding looping.

Because of the way iOS works, it is not possible to automatically assign the ringtones you create in the app to your phone. Instead you must import the saved files into iTunes and then synchronize them back to your phone as ringtones. While this is something of a longwinded route to ringtone customization, the app itself is great to use.

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A beautifully designed app that is a pleasure to use – it is just a shame that the limitations of iOS prevent it from save ringtone directly in place.

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October 22, 2011

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