Reducing the hassle of packing your suitcase – one trip at a time



The worst part about going on a trip has just been made easier by PackPoint. This clever app allows the user to punch in a number of details about where they’re jetting off to – date, location etc – and it will return a list of suggested items to stick in your suitcase. PackPoint taps into your destination and provides weather forecasts, distance to laundry services, activities nearby and more, then breaks down what you need. It’s the crucial difference between packing for a sunny climate or monsoon season.

Ultimately, you will decide what needs to go in your case or bag, but PackPoint will at least provide a checklist that you can follow through the app. It even takes into account if your trip is business or leisure and will return results accordingly. There’s also a filter that will test your own personal hygiene and offers you packing options should you be prepared to wear an item of clothing, unwashed, multiple times. PackPoint will also give you brief on what travel documents you may need for each country too.

There’s nothing technically wrong with PackPoint, it just feels like an ‘app for everything’ has gone too far now.

But here’s the thing, PackPoint seems wholly unnecessary. Of course it works, but the checklist selection that it throws back at you is incredibly general – work shoes, formal watch, diapers etc. These are things you can simply write down on a scrap of paper and keep a tally of. And as the app is targeting ‘travel pros’, we just don’t see the benefit to seasoned jet-setters who know what they need without the faff of navigating the app. There’s nothing technically wrong with PackPoint, it just feels like an ‘app for everything’ has gone too far now.

What's New in Version 1.9.3

Polished up a few nooks and crannies

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We’re entering a time where people are creating problems to justify a remedy. PackPoint is a prime example of this as it tries to fix a complication that doesn’t exist.

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February 25, 2017

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