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The web has changed the way we interact with media and for many people it is their primary or only source of news and entertainment. Just as the arrival of the ebook was heralded as the death knell for the printed book, so the current trend for electronic magazines and newspapers is being portrayed in a bad light.

For the end user however, the move to epublishing means a greater selection of content available more frequently at a lower price and in a richer format. Using iPad apps as a publishing medium is something that has been embraced by a number of titles, and the latest is Macworld.

It is important to note that this is not a iOS version of the printed magazine, but an alternative publication with content that more closely mimics that of the Macworld web site. Content is broken down into easily navigable categories and there are a wealth of slideshows to browse through and Twitter feeds to read.

While the app is essentially providing a different way to access the content of the Macworld web site, the presentation and interface is a pleasure to work with. As the Daily Reader app has been designed specifically with the iPad in mind, every page is perfectly suited to the large touch screen - everything looks great and it is somewhat surprising that a magazine app of this quality is being made available free of charge.

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A great alternative to the mobile web site, Macworld Daily Reader is an excellent way to keep abreast of the latest iPad news and reviews.

Specification: Macworld Daily Reader 1.0:

Mac Publishing, LLC
Date Added:
February 4, 2011

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