London 2012: Official Join In App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2.0

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The Olympics and Paralympics are two of the biggest sporting events in the world. There is so much involved in the gamest hat it can be difficult to keep track of everything you are interested in. Whether you are planning on visiting any of the events, or just want to take part in some of the celebrations that are taking place, this is an app that can help you to plan what you’re doing and keep up to date with all of the latest news. See also: London 2012: Official Join In app review

As the Olympic torch tours the UK, you camn monitor which towns, cities and villages it is visiting next, and the same is true of the Paralympic torch. If you are not able to make it to see the torch in person, there are video highlights from each day so you can catch up on what has been happening. The app is particularly useful if you are planning on attending the games themselves as it provides you with a wealth of information such as how to get to the various venues, and details of where you can watch free events.

An augmented reality component is great for anyone in London as it enables you to use your camera to view details of important venues. There are also detailed maps to help you to get from place to place, the option to create a personal schedule so you don’t miss any events you are interested in – this is helpful whether you have tickets or are just watching the games on TV – and much more.

A very recent update to the app corrected a major oversight – dedicated iPad support. With the latest version of the app there is a new tablet optimized view that make better use of the additional screen space making for an experience that not only allows for the display of more information, but also easier navigation and an overall cleaner look and feel.

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A great app for sports fans that will help you get the most from the Olympics and Paralympics

Specification: London 2012: Official Join In App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2.0:

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Limited
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July 20, 2012

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