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If you ever wanted proof that football (or soccer) is a truly global phenomenon, then the FIFA World Cup is that proof, as the vast majority of the world turns its eyes to  - in the case of 2014 – Brazil and a feast of football that will either delight or disgust depending on which side of the fence you sit on.

If you’re in the former camp then you’ll be wanting to install this on your mobile. It’s FIFA’s official app, and offers the latest updates – news, standings, results and schedules – from throughout the tournament. It also offers minute-by-minute updates from matches.

First, select a favourite team (if you wish), which then allows you to receive related alerts – you can also add more favourite teams before tapping Done and getting on to the app proper, which is divided into nine sections: live, news, teams, standings, awards, destinations, statistics, social and games.

Navigation is a little confusing at first, but once mastered the FIFA app has everything you could possibly want from a World Cup app, with lots of detail and statistics, videos, photos and more. The only thing missing is live video – FIFA sees this as a companion app while you watch on TV, rather than something to let you watch while on the move.

It’s all very slick and comprehensive, but the amount of advertising within the app, with pretty much anything and everything sponsored by some corporation or other, reminds you that these days, the game is as much about monetisation as anything else.

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If you can handle all the product placement, this is the app you’ll want if you’re on the path to World Cup craziness.

Specification: FIFA for Android 2.0:

Date Added:
June 12, 2014

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