EyeTV 1.1.2

Use your iPhone or iPad as a portable television



With a TV tuner connected to your Mac, you are able to watch television programmes on your computer while you work. Add EyeTV to the equation and you are able to enjoy television on your iPhone or iPad as well.

In essence, the TV output of your Mac can be streamed to your portable device - this works over both 3G and wifi connections. The remote access aspect of the program means that you are able to change channel on the move as well as scheduling recordings.

You can also view the television listing from your iPhone or iPad, and watch shows you have already recorded.

Network configuration is a mostly automated affair, but firewall settings can prove tricky. That said, once up and running, EyeTV enables you to put your TV tuner to good use so you can enjoy it wherever you are in the house.

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A cost effective way of adding a TV tuner to your iPhone or iPad.

Specification: EyeTV 1.1.2:

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Elgato Systems
Date Added:
August 8, 2010

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