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The art of diary keeping is one that has started to die out. There are far fewer people who maintain a regular diary than used to be the case. The great thing about keeping a diary is that it helps you to preserve memories and look back on places you have been, people you have met and things you have done. The likes of Facebook enable you to chronicle some of your life, but Everyday.me is an iOS app that has been designed just for you.

The app enables you to keep a journal, but it can also be used as a simple note-taking utility. When you are out and about, if you need to make a note of something you would like to remember, you can do so within Everyday.me. the ability to include photos and videos is helpful when the app is used as either a journal or a note tool, and if things ended here this would be little more than a competent app.

But things go much further. There is integration with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, If you choose to link up you accounts you can have Everyday.me automatically pull in your updates from these three social networks, helping to write you diary for you. Any entry you create or that is created for you can be tagged for easy search and you can also add emoticons to track your mood over time.

Just like Facebook, Everyday.me features a timeline view that enables you to take a step back in time. Your data is automatically synchronized with your free online account and you can then view your timeline online at the Everyday.me web site. As well as being wonderfully useful, this is an app that has looks to be proud of too – if you’re looking for a way to record your memories, this is well worth a look.

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A striking and intuitive journal app that stands apart from the crowd.

Specification: Everyday.me 1.0.5:

Noodle Labs, Inc
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August 16, 2012

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