BSM Theory Coach for iPhone 1.0.3

Practice your driving theory test



Taking your driving test, be it the theory or the practical, is a nerve-wracking experience so it pays to be as well prepared as possible. Using BSM Theory Coach for iPhone you can practice the official UK theory test from the comfort of your iPhone wherever you happen to be.

Using questions from the official DSA's list of questions, you can be sure that your practice sessions are as close to the real thing as possible - the questions you answer on your phone may be the ones you are asked in the real test.

You can adjust the time limit that is imposed for answering the questions and when you have worked your way through the test you can see in an instant which areas of your knowledge need work. As you are completing the test you can flag questions you are not certain of and come back to them when you have answered the remainder.

When you have completed the test, you result can be posted to Facebook so you can see how your fared against your friends. Whether you are about to sit your theory test for real or just fancy seeing how you would cope if you had to sit it, BSM Theory Coach for iPhone is a great little app.

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A great tool for revising ahead of your driving theory test.

Specification: BSM Theory Coach for iPhone 1.0.3:

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May 18, 2010

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