Train Conductor 1.6

Become a train conductor and avoid railroad collisions



In Train Conductor your task is to prevent a series of train collisions from taking place. By re-routing tracks and avoiding obstacles, you can help to avert disaster with little more than a swipe of your finger.

Train Conductor enables you to quickly rack up a huge score if you manage to get onto a winning streak and build up your score multiplier. Connecting together a series of train tracks may sound like a simple task, but as the speed and the pressure increases, the challenge becomes greater.

As you improve at the game, you may feel like sharing, or boasting about, your high score by posting them to Facebook or Twitter. The addictive gameplay is backed up perfectly by gorgeous graphics and a wonderful soundtrack.

There are ten exciting levels to work through, each featuring its own gorgeously hand painted artwork. With 15 achievements to unlock, there is plenty to keep you busy and keep you coming back for more.

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An outrageously addictive game that will just keep you coming back for more.

Specification: Train Conductor 1.6:

The Voxel Agents
Date Added:
November 18, 2010

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