Magic Reversi 4.02

Get hours of strategy-based entertainment from this challenging Reversi program



Magic Reversi is an interesting free implementation of the classic Reversi/ Othello game, with plenty of configuration possibilities to ensure it holds your interest.

Your computer opponent can be set to one of 10 different ability levels, for instance: anything from "baby" to "Merlin". The strategy behind these isn't perfect, and even the Merlin level can be beaten, but most people should be able to get a challenging game here.

If the computer player doesn't work for you, though, you can always play a remote opponent, either someone on your local network or even over the internet.

You're able to save and reopen games, very useful if you get interrupted while in the middle of some intense strategic battle. There's the option to Undo moves you've made in error, or get hints if you're a Reversi novice and not sure what to do next. And while the author mistakenly thought everyone would want music to be playing for the full length of every game, fortunately he provided a configuration option to turn this off. Click Media > Music just as soon as you launch the program and you'll we think you'll enjoy the rest of the game a great deal more.

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Magic Reversi's computer opponent has some strategy flaws that mean strong players will probably be able to beat it on a regular basis. Average Reversi players should find plenty of challenging entertainment here, though, and everyone can use it to play friends and family over their local network, or the internet

Specification: Magic Reversi 4.02:

Windows XP,Windows Vista (32 bit),Windows 7 (32 bit),Windows Vista (64 bit),Windows 7 (64 bit),Windows 8,Windows 2000,Windows Server
Dmitriy Apraksin
Date Added:
July 31, 2013

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