Let's Golf! 2 1.0.1

Play a round of golf on your iPhone or iPad



Golf is an expensive game to get started, and the closest most people will get to the green is playing a golf simulator. Let's Golf 2 is a surprisingly advanced golf game for iPhone and iPad that benefits from wonderful graphics, superb gameplay and many options.

With 108 holes to play, this is a game that has been built to last. You can play in single player mode, choosing from one of eight 3D rendered characters that can be customised to your liking. As well as standard golfing shots, each player has their own unique super power that can help out in tricky situations.

There are a number of gamplay modes to choose from, and as well as playing on your own for fun or in career mode, multiplayer wifi action is also available.

Let's Golf is a fun and attractive game that has great longevity. As well as mastering the moves of each of the players and working through the different game modes, there are also achievements to unlock.

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A fun, fast-paced golfing game that's great to play on your own or with friends.

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August 13, 2010

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