iBomber Defense 1.4

An addictive action game which twists a classic idea into something new



The original iBomber games saw players striking enemy targets and proved immensely popular. iBomber Defense turnsthe game on its head and brings the excitement of the original game to the classic tower defense game genre to create something that is the perfect blend of action and strategy.

Comprising 22 action-packed levels, iBomber Defense has plenty to keep your coming back for more. The game can be played in quick or campaign mode as you defend territories in North Africa, Europe and Russia. Your aim is simple - to defend against enemy attack using a variety of weapons and tactics.

Well-pitched difficulty levels mean that novices are not going to find relentless enemy attacks too off-putting, while more seasoned gamers can jump right in and avoid the hail of bullets and artillery fire.

What iBomber Defense has going for it in terms of gameplay is perfectly complements by the graphics. The iPad version of the game is particularly impressive, but the iPhone edition is just as good looking and satisfying to play.

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This is an interesting twist on a classic game that's sure to keep you coming back for more

Specification: iBomber Defense 1.4:

Chillingo Ltd
Date Added:
September 13, 2011

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