Earth Defender 1.0.1

Protect the Earth from attack in this fast paced space shooter



In the space shooter Earth Defender, iPhone and iPad gamers have the chance to prove the military motto 'the best defence is a good offence' as they protect the Earth against swarms of invaders. Through careful use of Black Hole bombs, Lightning bombs and Blast bombs, you can wipe out entire screenfuls of enemies in one fell swoop.

With six levels to work through, including 14 different types of enemy and seven level bosses, Earth Defender is an adrenaline charged shooter with a relentless pace. When things start to get a little tricky, you can turn to your five Super bombs that can be deployed using a five finger touch gesture.

The gameplay is enhanced by a gorgeous orchestral soundtracks and stunning sound effects that really help to add to the atmosphere.

OpenFeint support sees 20 unlockable achievements available throughout the game, and your progress can be shared through Facebook and Twitter.

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A great example of the shooter genre, Earth Defender will keep you coming back for more again and again.

Specification: Earth Defender 1.0.1:

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September 17, 2010

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