Dark Nebula - Episode One 1.2

Test your skills in this challenging maze game



Dark Nebula is a maze game that makes excellent use of the iPhone accelerometer, enabling you to tilt the device to guide a character through an incredibly complex maze much like old ball puzzles. But the maze itself is not the only challenge that awaits you.

As well as finding your way through the labyrinth, you must also avoid a variety of traps, open doors and pitfalls. Although only ten levels in length, Dark Nebula is an incredibly addictive game that will keep you coming back for more.

Even once you have completed each of the levels, there is still the opportunity to replay them with a view to obtaining gold star status for your speed and performance. Unlike some tilt-to-control games, Dark Nebula includes a calibration option that enables you to configure the game to suit your preferred playing angle.

There is some atmospheric background music, and if playing solo is simply not enough, you can get competitive in the global leaderboards or post your game results to Facebook for others to see.

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A simple, yet strangely unique and addictive game that will while away the hours.

Specification: Dark Nebula - Episode One 1.2:

Trial Software
1337 Game Design
Date Added:
September 17, 2010

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