Crimson: Steam Pirates 1.0.0

A tactical pirate game with a steam punk twist



Games of real depth are something that are sadly lacking from the iOS platform, but titles such as Crimson: Steam Pirates just go to show that there is scope for more serious gaming on Apple’s portable devices. The game is a turn-based strategy affair with themes that feed nicely into the television and gaming’s penchant for the steam punk genre.

You take control of a fleet and crew as you work through a series of missions, controlling a variety of ships, including submarines, and taking advantage of weapons such as canons and lightning guns. With more than a dozen types of ships and other vehicles, there is always plenty to discover as you try to stay one step ahead of the enemy and lure them into traps that mean certain death.

In addition to the range of weapons and ships, you also have more than a score of different crew members to work with. Each of these men has unique abilities that can be used in a variety of ways – someone who seems useless in the early stages of a mission, but turn out to be absolutely essential as you progress further.

The main game download is available free of charge, and comprises eight campaign voyages as well a couple of pass-and-play two player games. This is soon to be supplemented when chapter two of the series is released; this will include an additional eight campaigned for an extra $1.99. Whether you are familiar with the game and fancy the idea of trying it out on a new platform, or if you simply want to try something new, Crimson: Steam Pirates is sure to impress.

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A tight, polished game that shows that the iPad should be considered a serious gaming platform.

Specification: Crimson: Steam Pirates 1.0.0:

Bungie Aerospace Corporation
Date Added:
September 3, 2011

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